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Welcome to the website of the Columbia River Peace Corps Association (CRPCA), an association of returned Peace Corps volunteers living in the Portland, OR, metro area. We are committed to the ideals of service and community, both at home and abroad. Connect with us if you are a potential volunteer wanting to talk with old hands, if you are an RPCV looking to connect with others who have shared the unique Peace Corps experience, or if you share our ideals and want to meet others of like mind! Take a look at our calendar to see what upcoming events we have planned: we hold regular service events, social gatherings, and educational opportunities that help us serve our community and engage with the world. Find something that suits your style, and join us – we’d love to have you!

March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

Contents of March 2015 Newsletter – Volume 35, Issue 3

  • Letter from the editor
  • Announcements
  • Invitation to Serve on the CRPCA Board
  • Fundraiser! Kenyan Cooking Class & Dinner Party
  • CRPCA Crafting Night
  • 25th Cascade Festival of African Films
  • RPCV Speaks at Creative Mornings
  • Madagascar in Focus: Talk and Art Show Benefit
  • Book Group Update
  • 2015 NW Regional RPCV Family Campout
  • 2015 CRPCA Family Campout
  • Recruiting Host Families for Reed's Host Family Program
  • CRPCA March to May events

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March 2015 Book Club Selection

Dancing with Gogos
Cornelius, Gary*: Dancing with Gogos (2014)

* RPCV South Africa (2012-2013)

Discussion: Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 6:30-8:00 pm. Location at the home of Jenny Tsai, 2646 NW Overton St in Portland. Participating in our discussion–live in person–will be Gary Cornelius, the book’s author! Feel free to bring snacks to share.

Synopsis: Dancing with Gogos is the story of one man’s effort to make a difference in a collection of Zulu villages in rural South Africa, while fulfilling a life-long dream of serving in the United States Peace Corps. It’s the story of learning a new language, of immersing oneself in a different culture, of leaving a love 15,000 kilometers behind and discovering the unexpected chance to find a new one half a world away. It’s the story of South Africa’s history of apartheid and the effects of that sorry legacy on tens of millions of black Africans who to this day struggle to leave behind 500 years of oppression. Gary Cornelius and 35 other would-be volunteers find themselves in a remote village in Mpumalanga Province as “trainees” for nine weeks of grueling learning before they can be sworn in as volunteers in “CHOP” – Peace Corps South Africa’s Community HIV-AIDS Outreach Program – to assume front-line positions in the battle to reduce spread of the disease in a country with one of the highest rates in the world. It’s an adventure none will ever forget.

Where to find it:
Libraries: Clackamas Co
Vendors: Amazon | GaryCornelius.com

February 8, 2015 Business Meeting Minutes

Board Member Present Position Present?
Patrick Findler President x
Erin Gettling Secretary x
Matthew Forgue Treasurer x
Phyllis Shelton Fundraising Coordinator
Joel Salter Grants Coordinator x
Angie Basurtto Program Coordinator
Kat Barnes Education Coordinator x
Dré Mayrose Education Coordinator
Meaghan Corwin Webmaster/Newsletter Editor x
Adrienne Wolf-Lockett Membership Coordinator
Bob Lockett Membership Coordinator
Tom DeMeo Service Coordinator x
Susie Robillard E-Update Editor
Nora Olsgaard Events Coordinator
Liz Samuels Scheduling Coordinator x
Gordon Young Networking Coordinator x

Columbia River Peace Corps Association
Business Meeting
February 8, 2015
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