Bull Run Tour – Sep 2013

See your water source up close and personal!

CRPCA is partnering with the Sierra Club on a group tour of Portland’s Bull Run Watershed on Sunday, September 8, 2013.

We’ve reserved 13 seats in the Portland Water Bureau’s comfortable 26-passenger van.

The first stop will be a short hike to the Bull Run River. There our knowledgeable guide will provide an overview of Portland’s water delivery system.

The next stop will be lunch at Bull Run Lake.

After lunch we’ll get a close-up view of Reservoir #2’s dam.

Q: Why visit Bull Run? Seeing the watershed first-hand builds appreciation for this awesome resource in our community. Also, outside of organized tours like this one, it’s one of the more inaccessible places in Oregon to the general public.

Q: Do I drink water from Bull Run? Chances are very good that you do if you live or work in Multnomah or eastern Washington counties. For example, the entire city of Portland is on Bull Run water for most of each year. (For a few weeks each year, Portland’s water comes from the Columbia South Shore Well Field, which may also be visited at the end of the tour.) See the following links for more information.

Q: Can I bring my kids? There is no firm age limit, but be aware that the tour involves a long bus ride and the need to be attentive during talks. Per Portland Water Bureau staff, “children are welcome if parents feel confident that their kids would enjoy it, or at least not be TOO bored or disruptive.”

Q: What’s the tour involve? Meet the tour bus at Hollywood Fred Meyer (3030 NE Weidler St in Portland) in Section A7 near the Salvation Army drop-off station no later than 8:30 am. The tour is expected to last until 4:30 pm. Please read and digest the details in the Portland Water Bureau’s Bull Run Watershed Tour letter. You can also print, fill out, and plan to bring along with photo ID the required Adult Waiver and/or Under 18 Waiver.

Q: How can I make a reservation? Our 13 seats on the bus SOLD OUT on July 22. It’s possible but not definite that more seats will be released to us. To join the event’s alternates list, contact Liz Samuels, bullrun AT crpca.org or 503-228-7706.