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Friday, June 2, 2017 Portland Timbers tickets

These tickets are general admission in the Timbers Army (north endzone). Expect to stand during the game! Folks who purchase tickets will receive them at an upcoming CRPCA event or via mail from Tom DeMeo, president AT You’ll also be invited to meet outside the stadium before the game against the San Jose Earthquakes, which starts at 8:00 pm, if you want to sit/stand with CRPCA friends.

Portland Timbers 6/02/2017
$30.50 each
2 left!

2017 International Calendar and Note Cards

See our 2017 International Calendar page for more information.

2017 International Calendar
$12.00 each

Shipping for 1-5 Calendars
$2.00 per calendar

Shipping for 6-20 Calendars
$12.00 TOTAL

Note Cards (set of 8)
$10.00 each
Sets differ!
Available at
CRPCA events only!


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$20 per household

CRPCA Supporting Membership
$100 per household

Donate to Refugee Support

CRPCA is collecting tax-deductible contributions earmarked toward refugee support.

Refugee Support
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