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We encourage payment by cash or check. Cash or check (written to CRPCA) may be submitted to any CRPCA board member at a CRPCA event. Checks may also be mailed to CRPCA, P.O. Box 802, Portland OR 97207.

Family Campout 2016

See our Family Campout 2016 page for more information. Camping fees apply to all persons age 3+, but they cover one, two, or all three nights. Vehicle fees are paid by the night. Please select the Family Campout button, edit the number in your party, then keep shopping to pay for parking on the night(s) you plan to stay at Lake Sylvia.

Family Campout 2016
$8 per person (age 3+)
covers one, two, or all three nights

Friday Night Parking
$10 per vehicle

Saturday Night Parking
$10 per vehicle

Sunday Night Parking
$10 per vehicle


See our Join Now page for more information.

$20 per household

CRPCA Supporting Membership
$100 per household

CRPCA T-shirts

See our CRPCA T-shirt page for more information.

Medium (M)
15 left

Large (L)
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Extra Large (XL)
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