PPCA accepts payments for dues, events, and merchandise by cash, check, credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

We encourage payment by cash or check. Cash or check (written to CRPCA) may be submitted to any PPCA board member at a PPCA event. Checks may also be mailed to PPCA, P.O. Box 802, Portland OR 97207.

International Calendars and associated products

See our 2020 International Calendar page for full information about our calendar sale. Please don’t forget to pay for shipping if you wish for calendars to be mailed to you.

2020 International Calendar
$14 each

Shipping for 1-3 calendars

Shipping for 4+ calendars

Peace Notecards (set of 8)
$10 each

Perpetual Calendars
$10 each

PPCA t-shirts

Attractive t-shirts featuring our new name and logo.

PPCA t-shirt (Small)
$20 each

PPCA t-shirt (Medium)
$20 each

PPCA t-shirt (Large)
$20 each

PPCA t-shirt (Extra-Large)
$20 each

PPCA t-shirt (XXL)
$20 each

$2.50 per t-shirt


See our Join Now page for more information.

$20 per household

PPCA Supporting Membership
$100 per household

Donate to Refugee Support

PPCA is collecting tax-deductible contributions earmarked toward refugee support.

Refugee Support
(you set the amount)