2015-2016 Board Members

  • President: Tom DeMeo (Ghana 1980-1982 & Botswana 1982-1984). Contact Tom at president AT or 503-267-3943 to suggest a topic for a business meeting, or to nominate yourself for a board position.

  • Secretary: Erin Gettling (Ukraine 2003-2005). Contact Erin at secretary AT to request business meeting minutes.

  • Treasurer: Phyllis Shelton (Honduras 1986-1988). Contact Phyllis at treasurer AT or 503-704-6298 to inquire about payments or calendar/t-shirt shipping.

  • E-update Editor: Susie Robillard (Ecuador 1968-1970). Contact Susie at e-update AT or 503-430-1776 by any Friday at 5pm to submit community or job announcements for the weekly e-update sent to our members.

  • Newsletter Editor & Webmaster: Position Open. Once this position has been filled, you can contact the newsletter editor at newsletter AT by the 25th of any month to submit images, poetry, recipes, stories, and other content for publication in our monthly newsletter, or to provide feedback on our website content.

  • Education Coordinator: Position Open. Once this position has been filled, you can contact the education coordinator at education AT or 605-421-0171 to request an RPCV speaker for an event, or to offer to join the CRPCA Speakers Bureau.

  • Events Coordinator: Position Open. Once this position has been filled you can contact the events coordinator at at events AT to communicate about our annual/special events.

  • Fundraising Coordinator: Position Open Once this position is filled you can email fundraising AT or 503-704-6298 to offer ideas for raising funds which support our grant program.

  • Grants Coordinator: Joel Salter (Sierra Leone 1986-1988). Contact Joel at grants AT to inquire about applying for CRPCA grants.

  • Membership Coordinators: Adrienne Wolf-Lockett and Bob Lockett (Jamaica 2009-2011). Contact Adrienne and Bob at membership AT or 503-953-6010 to join CRPCA/NPCA or to renew your membership(s).

  • Networking Coordinator: Gordon Young (Malaysia 1972-1974). Contact Gordon at networking AT or 503-631-2876 to express interest in or offer resources to our Job Search Support Group, or to inquire about the local RPCV Mentoring Program.

  • Program Coordinator: Bill Stein (Niger 1990–1993). Contact Bill at program AT if you would like to host a potluck gathering or have ideas for programs.

  • Scheduling Coordinator: Mike Waite (Liberia 1974-1975). Contact Mike at scheduling AT or 360-314-4117 to submit details (title, date, time, location, and description) for a proposed CRPCA event.

  • Service Coordinator: Tom DeMeo* (Ghana 1980-1982 & Botswana 1982-1984). Contact Tom at service AT or 503-267-3943 to suggest or RSVP for a group service activity.

* seeking replacement

Activity Leads

  • Book Club: Bill Stein (Niger 1990-1993). Contact Bill at bookclub AT or 503-830-0817 to suggest international book titles for our next annual survey.

  • Family Activities: Karen Cellarius (Hungary 1991-1993). Contact Karen at family AT or 503-998-5572 to suggest a group activity for member families.
  • Restaurant Gatherings: Jenny Tsai (Fiji 1990-1992). Contact Jenny at restaurant AT to RSVP for a Restaurant Gathering or to suggest a restaurant.
  • Salon Francophone: Alden Jencks (Côte d’Ivoire 1968-1970). Contact Alden at francais AT or 503-238-4782 to offer to host the next gathering of French-speaking RPCVs and our French-speaking friends.

  • Writers’ Workshop: James Beebe (Philippines 1968-1973). Contact James at writers AT or 971-229-0780 with questions about our gatherings of aspiring authors.

Mailing Address

Columbia River Peace Corps Association
P.O. Box 802
Portland, OR 97207