Board Resoluton 1: Potential Officers

Board Resolution 1

Potential Officers on the CRPCA Board and their Duties
(Amended April 8, 2017)

a. President. Arranges and conducts officer meetings; acts as liaison between the organization, the community, National Peace Corps Association, Peace Corps Washington and other National Peace Corps Association groups; recruits officers if a position is vacated between elections; ensures that the Bylaws are upheld.

b. Secretary. Keeps records required by ORS 65.771, including minutes from business meetings and up-to-date Bylaws. Writes and submits annual organizational reports to the Secretary of State and the National Peace Corps Association.

c. Treasurer. Has charge of all funds belonging to the organization; keeps on deposit the same; receives and disburses funds as required; keeps required financial records.

d. Education Coordinator. Organizes the CRPCA Speakers Bureau. Maintains information on members who are available to speak; contacts appropriate agencies within the community to arrange speaking engagements; assists speakers with locating resources for improving their presentations.

e. E-update Editor. Prepares and distributes a weekly e-mail to CRPCA’s current members. E-updates may contain news of CRPCA initiatives, reminders of CRPCA events, volunteer requests, announcements of community partners’ events, and job openings of potential interest to our members.

f. Fundraising Coordinator. Coordinates the annual calendar sale and charity auctions. Organizes other fundraisers (events or sales) for the Association.

g. Grants Coordinator. Leads Grant Review Committee. Takes in grant applications, presents grant requests to the Board, manages dispersal of grant funds in conjunction with the Treasurer.

h. Membership Coordinator. Maintains membership database; communicates membership information to the Secretary, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor; sends out a welcome message to all new and renewing members, notifies members when their membership is expiring. The membership coordinator is also encouraged to actively seek out new members by getting the word out about the Association, networking with potential members at Association events, assisting with membership drives or devising new benefits or incentives for our members.

i. Networking Coordinator. Serves as the primary contact for members seeking jobs and for community members who hire RPCVs. Generates content for a web page of job and volunteer opportunities for local RPCVs. Organizes and/or proposes ways CRPCA can assist with members’ job searches.

j. Newsletter Editor. Receives from officers, other members, National Peace Corps Association, Peace Corps Washington, other Peace Corps Association groups and members of the community information relevant for the newsletter; publishes newsletter on a regular basis (currently monthly); distributes newsletter to membership.

k. Program Coordinator. Plans programs for meetings and arranges time and place of the programs, notifies Newsletter Editor and Webmaster and coordinates publicity with the President; introduces programs at events; writes or assigns the writing of a report on the program for the newsletter following each meeting.

l. Scheduling Coordinator. Manages the calendar of CRPCA events, ensuring that no CRPCA activities conflict. Maintains continually-updated event information in calendar format (for the on-line event calendar) and in text format (for pasting into e-updates and newsletters). Serves as the gatekeeper defining what is a CRPCA event, with input from the Board.

m. Service Coordinator. Organizes the Association’s service events. Coordinates the Association’s advocacy for Peace Corps issues.

n. Social Media Coordinator. Manages CRPCA activity promotion on social media.

o. Webmaster. Maintains the website ( so that the information is current and relevant, responds to information requests submitted to the site, makes sure all dues related to maintaining the site have been paid by the Treasurer. Manages CRPCA group e-mail addresses.