March 1966 Newsletter

A PDF of the March 1966 newsletter is also available.

News Bulletin on Peace Corps Returnees in Oregon (and parts of Washington): March 1966, edited by Mrs. B. Stevens, Secretary of The Portland Peace Corps Council

Editor’s Note

Oregon, which has ranked sometimes first and at other times nearly first in providing Peace Corps Volunteers for service to The United States, is now welcoming back to the Pacific Northwest the pioneers of this new kind of foreign aid. From the following news items, you will observe that our returnees are not experiencing too much of a “re-entry crisis.” Their present activities would seem to indicate that they bid fair to be some of our most useful and/or our most prominent citizens of tomorrow!

Roger Hord, dubbed “The Boy Bricklayer”, was a member of the first team of Peace Corpsmen who went to East Pakistan. He was also the first to arrive back in Portland to tell his experiences. He is now continuing his education at Portland State College (in night classes this term while he works days). He holds an office in The Bricklayers Union, Local #1.

Barbara Lorimer (Sabah) is nursing at Barnes, is taking night classes, and is active in the League of Women Voters.

Dale Martin (Dominican Republic) is at Oregon State University in Corvallis, assisting Dr. Clare Simmerville in the program for foreign students.

Don Mather (West Pakistan) is also at Oregon State University, specializing in Business & Technology.

Paul Renner (Ethiopia) is working on his MFA in ceramics at the University of Oregon.

Gale Dixon (Sabah) is administrative assistant of the Peace Corps training program at Portland State College while working toward his own degree.

Virginia Lee Hopkins (Philippines) who got her MA last June at Columbia Teachers’ College is teaching preschool in Harlem.

June Reed (British Honduras) who was 69 when she entered The Peace Corps, has kept up her good work at home teaching classes in English at the YWCA, tutoring special students, and making tapes for the use of the blind. She’s also active in the A.A.U.W. (Formerly June taught Eskimos in Alaska until she married Frank Reed, owner of The Anchorage Hotel.)

Jean Lausche (Afghanistan) a recent returnee, is doing secretarial work in the Univ. of Oregon office of Continuing Education here in Portland.

Loretta Lorentz (Sierra Leone) who nursed villagers in the jungle hinterlands, is now supervising nurses at The Veterans’ Hospital.

John McGhie, who launched the educational TV program in Colombia, is program director at station KOIN Channel 6.

Jane Josselyn (Ivory Coast) is at Brattleboro, Vermont, in their School for International Training, teaching “English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) in the language laboratory.

Sandra Silverman (Peru) is completing her MA degree at The University of Kansas and is doing special work with the blind-deaf children.

Monica Setzial (El Salvador) is working for her masters’s degree at P.S.C.

Sumner Sharpe (Thailand) is executive secretary of The Economic Opportunity program in Clark County, Washington. He lives in Vancouver with his pretty Thai wife, is on the Board of Trustees of both the World Affairs Council, and The Great Decisions Council of Oregon.

Tom Swanson (West Cameroons) is continuing his education at The University of Oregon.

Patricia Wand (Columbia) is getting her MA degree at Antioch. She is also working with culturally deprived high school students.

Molly Weinstein (Philippines) works in the U.S. Division of H.E.W. in Social Security. She has recently returned from several months in American Samoa, where she helped in setting up the Social Security office there.

Jean Triplett (Colombia) is attending Colorado State University as a graduate student in animal nutrition.

Joyce Barnick (Ceylon) is teaching P.E. at Washington Junior High in Yakima.

Paul Richey (Philippines) is working with our United States Agency for International Development (AID) in South Viet Nam.

Darryle Russell is at Washington State University, working for his doctorate in education.

John Binford (Ecuador) is looking after the family property here in Portland, attending law school and some night classes at P.S.C. while his father and mother are working in Ecuador. In fact, his parents joined him while he was in the Peace Corps and worked along with him! His father has bought a boat in Miami and plans to sail to The Galapagos Islands to help in an education project there. His mother has left again for Ecuador to live with another son, who is with the U.S. AID program. The Binfords go all out for serving the cause of international understanding!

Joann Isackson (Malaya) is teaching in the Eugene public schools.

Hugh Turnbull (India) is working at The Job Corps Center at Tillamook, Oregon.

Three former Peace Corps staff doctors are now living in Portland and are on the staff of The Univ. of Oreg. Medical School:

  • Dr. Perry Sloop (Peru)
  • Dr. F. J. Van Rheenen (Nigeria)
  • Dr. Kenneth B. Cairns (Brazil)

Patricia Roberts (Honduras) who has been public health nurse in Polk County at Dallas, has accepted the position of assistant director of The Valley Migrant League at Independence, Oregon.

Mimi Jones, a recent returnee from Turkey, was in our Turkey III training unit at Portland State. She will serve as a Peace Corps recruiter for a few weeks in the midwestern states.

As to our twins, Lee McMurry (Morocco) and Gary McMurry (Sabah) of Longview, Washington: Gary is senior at Seattle Pacific College and Lee is a teachers’ aid at Jefferson High, and taking night courses.

Charles McDowell (Sierra Leone) is living in New York in the federal Job Corps program.

Marilyn Miller (Nigeria) is working for an advanced degree at P.S.C. while she holds a job in the library at The University of Oregon Medical School. She is also volunteering her services at Neighborhood House with handicapped children.

Jim Morrisey (Indonesia) is a teacher of special education at Vancouver High School.

Shannon King Myrin (Peru) is assistant manager of a Portland ski shop.

Don Oderman (Colombia) whose home is in Salem, is working on an Indian reservation in Montana.

John Owen (Peru) works with the Lord Brothers Construction Company and takes night classes. He has been active in organizing trips and “sociables” for our Peace Corps trainees and in raising funds for projects to help volunteers in the field.

Brent Richards (Thailand) stopped in Germany enroute home and is taking special courses in the German language at the University of Regensburg.

Janice Harvey Rogers (Thailand) who, this summer, married a GI whom she had met in N.E. Thailand, is teaching English at Jefferson High.

Robert Rawson (Sierra Leone) will earn his MA from San Francisco State this June. He is a social studies teacher in high school.

Raymond Priday of Redmond, Oregon, who went to serve in Pakistan directly after high school, is at Oregon State University.

Gary Frost (Ethiopia) is teaching part-time at O.S.U. while working for his MS degree in the Dept. of Microbiology.

Terence Grant (Colombia) is working for CARE.

N. Joyce Wright (Uruguay) of Newberg cannot attend our dinner this evening because she is speaking in McMinnville on the Peace Corps (a favorite pasttime for P.C.V.s).

Two recent returnees from West Pakistan:

Stephen Merten, back at work as an expert glazier but despairing to be in the social service field where he can put to good use the valuable experience he had working with the rural Pakistanis and

Hazel Merten, who took a refresher course in nursing, and is now at St. Vincent’s.

Ed Tisch (Chile) teaches Biology and Spanish at W.F. West High School in Chehalis.

Gary S. O’Neal (Guatemala) is a graduate student in international studies at the Univ. of Oregon.

Karen Barr (Panama) of Willamina is working at Meier and Frank, Salem.

Colleen Doherty, who trained in the Turkey IV group at P.S.C. has just arrived home and was immediately sent out to speak to the Girls League at St. Helens Senior High by Mrs. Stevens, Chairman of the Speakers’ committee of The Peace Corps Council – the typical kind of “reception” given to all returning Peace Corpsmen!

A Note of Thanks

This bulletin was mimeographed by the staff of the Portland YWCA, one of the organizations who have been our most loyal supporters. They have provided the space and hospitality for our receptions to the Peace Corps trainees, and they have made available the gymnasium and pool for classes and recreation – and a lounge for study and a meeting spot. We are sincerely grateful for their cooperation.