June 8th, 2014 Business Meeting Minutes

Columbia River Peace Corps Association

Business Meeting

June 8, 2014

Board Member Present Position Present?
Patrick Findler President x
Erin Gettling Secretary x
Matthew Forgue Treasurer x
Phyllis Shelton Fundraising Coordinator x
Joel Salter Grants Coordinator
Angie Basurtto Program Coordinator x
Kat Barnes Education Coordinator x
Dré Mayrose Education Coordinator x
Meaghan Corwin Webmaster/Newsletter Editor
Adrienne Wolf-Lockett Membership Coordinator
Bob Lockett Membership Coordinator
Tom DeMeo Service Coordinator
Susie Robillard E-Update Editor x
Nora Olsgaard Events Coordinator
Liz Samuels Scheduling Coordinator
Gordon Young Networking Coordinator x


  1. Name and something you learned during your Peace Corps service.


  1. Angie looking for a housemate
  2. Gabriella reminded us about the upcoming writer’s workshop
  3. Kat and Dré reminded us about the speakers’ listserv. Can email either Kat or Dré to be considered for speaking opportunities. Especially looking for speakers for an event in November for high school and college students.


  1. Matthew and Phyllis presented two resolutions to change from OnPoint to Umpqua. The OnPoint account was not originally set up as a business account and cannot be changed. The idea was suggested to open a new account at a bank that’s more convenient to signers. Phyllis Shelton read the first motion: Matthew Forgue, current Treasurer of the Board, is to open new checking and savings accounts in the name of the Columbia River Peace Corps Association at Umpqua Bank. The signers on the new accounts shall be the Treasurer (Matthew Forgue), President (Patrick Findler), and Secretary (Erin Gettling). The treasurer shall process all paperwork necessary to set up the new account and to update any linked transactions (transfers from PayPal and automatic deposits from NPCA) to the new account. Bill Stein: I move that we accept the motion as written. Kat Barnes seconded. No discussion, Patrick called the question. Decision was unanimous in favor.
  2. Second resolution: Once the new accounts are set up, the CRPCA board directs Past Treasurer and active checking account signer, Phyllis Shelton, to close the current checking and savings accounts held at OnPoint Community Credit Union, and convert all assets to a Cashier’s Check, which will then be immediately deposited into the new accounts. Gordon Young: I move that we accept as written. Gabriella Maertens seconded. Decision was unanimous in favor.
  3. Matthew presented the third motion: Resolved – that the Treasurer shall cause CRPCA to purchase from TechSoup one license each of Inuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, each license to be held in the name of the organization. Discussion: Phyllis has been using Quickbooks to manage accounts. Matthew would like to continue this system through the organization TechSoup, which helps with licensing fees to Quickbooks and Excel for $69 (administrative fee only). This would be a license for the organization and would most likely be transferrable. A normal subscription to Quickbooks is approximately $350. Gordon Young: I move that we accept this motion. Dré Mayrose seconded. Decision was unanimous in favor.


  1. Paul Robillard reviewed the new grant process for the group. The committee is comprised of Joel Salter, Kat Barnes, Tom DeMeo, Bill Stein, and Paul Robillard. The met on May 26th, with Lloyd Meyer sitting in for Tom and Susie Robillard participated but did not vote.
  2. The committee reviewed four grants with a preference for PCV projects with a regional link, meting community needs, monitoring and evaluation, and self-sustaining projects. The four projects were: Camp Glow in Micronesia, a 3-day camp for young women with an emphasis on leadership development; Furniture for a primary school in Sierra Leone, Lights for Girls in Rwanda (solar power project), and a Solar Power project in Sierra Leone

All four projects demonstrated community involvement and support, as well as a viable maintenance plan.

Committee Recommendations:

  1. Camp Glow: $1000
  2. Furniture for Gbumbeth: not funded
  3. Lights for Girls had incomplete application. Joel is communicating this to them and they can re-apply in the next cycle.
  4. Solar Power in Sierra Leone: $2200


  1. Bill: A lot of interest in solar power in general and its capacity to expand productivity after dark.
  2. Patrick: does the Sierra Leone group have experience with installing rural solar power? Paul–yes. Strong track record and strong partner organization with experience.
  3. Gordon: What did Camp Glow ask for? Paul: $1085. Gordon: why not fully fund that and take away from solar panel project. Paul and Kat pointed out that cuts could be made in the Camp Glow Budget (e.g. t-shirts).
  4. Dré: solar panels can be stolen easily. Study rooms were actually easier without them (behavior, etc.) when using candlelight. Do they have a security plan? Kat: organization has built 15 schools, among other projects. No specific experience listed for maintaining solar panels over an extended period of time.
  5. Patrick: what exactly was communicated to Rwanda project? Bill: they were told before the deadline that their project had no budget, but it was never sent. Lloyd said that it was unclear whether their budget was $3600 or $36,000. Lack of budget clarity was communicated to them via Joel Salter. Patrick: Are all the projects seeking other amounts of funding? Yes, other than Camp Glow.
  6. Susie: although Camp Glow was only 3 days, there would be lasting impact from the community members who participated. Kelly, Dré, Angie agreed that Camp Glow was very worthwhile. Matthew: what portion of glow’s budget provides for t-shirts? Kat: $600 out of approximately $1000. Dré: T-shirts can be a way to remind people and advertise the project.
  7. Bill: I move that we accept this recommendation. Angie seconded. John: is this one vote or can we separate them out? Patrick: if we have a majority, no. If we don’t have a majority, we can explore alternatives. Matthew: the reason this committee was formed was to simplify the process. Let’s be true to the goals of the committee and either approve or reject.
  8. Paul: please speak up if you have major objections/serious reasons/know anything about the organizations that the group as whole should also know.
  9. Kat: who should vote? Should committee members vote as well? Bill: any member in good standing can vote.
  10. Patrick called the question. Unanimous decision to accept the committee’s recommendation and the motion carried.
  11. Susie: having observed grant committee meeting, it was great that the committee had thoroughly read the applications and could truly make an informed decision.
  12. Bill: this committee will meet for 2 more grant cycles. New people will have the opportunity in April 2015.
  13. Patrick: We are very appreciative to the grants committee for their work and Paul for his presentation.

Approval of minutes from April 13th, 2014 business meeting.

  1. Gordon Young moved that we accept the minutes as written, Patrick Findler seconded. All in favor.

If you need a printable version of these minutes, please use the document version.