September 14, 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Columbia River Peace Corps Association

Annual Business Meeting

September 14, 2014

Board Member Present Position Present?
Patrick Findler President x
Erin Gettling Secretary x
Matthew Forgue Treasurer x
Phyllis Shelton Fundraising Coordinator x
Joel Salter Grants Coordinator x
Angie Basurtto Program Coordinator x
Kat Barnes Education Coordinator x
Dré Mayrose Education Coordinator x
Meaghan Corwin Webmaster/Newsletter Editor x
Adrienne Wolf-Lockett Membership Coordinator
Bob Lockett Membership Coordinator
Tom DeMeo Service Coordinator x
Susie Robillard E-Update Editor x
Nora Olsgaard Events Coordinator
Liz Samuels Scheduling Coordinator x
Gordon Young Networking Coordinator x


  1. Name, country and years of service, and 2 adjectives to describe your service (one positive and one negative).

Budget Presentation by Matthew Forgue

  1. Overview of the final budget from the previous year (fiscal year 2014). We projected a loss of $300 to be covered from reserves, budgeted $4800 to be given out in grants, and set a fundraising goal of $3555. After accounting for a discrepancy related to the moving of $2500 to a restricted account (this money had been categorized as income), we actually lost about $2000 in fiscal year 2014.
  2. Three primary reasons for the loss being greater than projected:
  3. Social events were an added cost, as we lost $140 dollars on ticket sales to Timbers games. We are planning to pre-sell tickets for these events in the future.
  4. Fundraising was about $500 less than expected. We have new ideas for fundraising this year and will make more conservative projections.
  5. Dues: we projected about $2350 in income from membership dues, but brought in $2130. Patrick wants to make the recruitment and retention of members a priority. Ideas for this have been tossed around, such as more diverse events, a membership survey, and a variety of locations for events such as happy hours. Dré asked if we could look at membership patterns, such as the percentage of free members who become paying members. Bob and Adrienne should be able to run these reports. This is especially important because one-third of our membership is currently in the free year. Gordon emphasized that we really need to focus on connecting with newly returned volunteers.
  6. Presentation of Fiscal Year 2015 budget (Matthew). Numbers in the minutes are all approximations from the budget, and are based on trends seen from the previous year. We are projecting a loss of $40.75. We have about $6000 in reserves, which is half of a typical year’s operating budget, so our reserves are still in good shape.
  7. Grants: we will distribute $4000 in grants in two cycles. It was agreed upon at the finance committee meeting that we should keep a higher amount of money ($2000) per cycle to generate interest and keep the grant application process competitive.
  8. General Expenses: we have budgeted $965.74 in general operating expenses. This is a slightly higher projection based on last year’s numbers. Phyllis reminded us of the P.O. fee.
  9. . Education Committee: We have budgeted $500 for an upcoming event being planned by Dré and Kat in conjunction with the United Nations Association and World Affairs Council. The U.N. Association is funding the venue and insurance, and CRPCA’s contribution will go to food for the participants. This is a career-planning event aimed at college students and high school seniors. We are involved in the planning, so the funding should not go through the grants process. Gordon stated that the event is a great chance to reach out to other like-minded, local groups and reach an audience of 100-150 people.
  10. Campouts are in theory “break-even” events. Based on projections, there is a possibility of a $40 profit. Most attendees are prepaid, so there is little chance of losing money on these events. Brenda would like to rent porta-potties for Beacon Rock, since we’re such a large group, and roll that cost into the fee. Matthew also noted that because we are this year’s host of the regional campout, we have actually already spent $150 on this campout on breakfast last year. (The hosts of the upcoming year’s campout host breakfast.)
  11. Social Events such as Timbers game tickets will hopefully break even with a new method of pre-selling tickets. This may, however, reduce participation because people will need to plan further ahead in purchasing tickets. Tom DeMeo stated that these are popular events that should continue, but without a loss! Gordon asked about other teams such as the Thorns or Winterhawks, and Tom suggested trying this out with a smaller number of tickets. The winter event (whatever it ends up being) should also break even.
  12. $500 has been budgeted for the Cascade African Film Festival, although we can continue to explore other options for this money, as it is budgeted under “membership-other.” There are other film festivals and events, such as a Latin American film festival, but $500 is reserved for such an event.
  13. Income Projections for the year are slightly lower. We have projected $2000 from dues, $4820 from calendars, and $1350 from other fundraising events. Phyllis presented the fundraising committee’s plans for the upcoming years. Instead of one big event, they are planning regular ethnic dinners that would be planned by subcommittees of volunteers. We would hope to sell 20 tickets at $25 and net $250 a meal. This would also allow us to target people outside of our membership. We would also plan some “dine out for a cause” events at places like Migration Brewing or Burgerville, develop a car “cling” or something else we could sell regionally to RPCVs, like the Atlanta group’s t-shirts. Lastly, there are plans for an online auction.

Discussion of Budget/Membership/General Priorities

  1. Joel suggested mixing up the soirees to engage new members. Rotate locations and neighborhoods?
  2. Patrick stated that we need to make people more aware of the benefits of membership and educate them about the good work their dues are doing. We don’t generally check for membership at events–should we make some events exclusive to members? Susie suggested a discount for members for some events. Patrick also wants to have forms more readily available to members. Anne Kimberley suggested reaching out to families of current PCVs, or even getting info on local PCVs who have been evacuated.
  3. Susie Robillard moved to accept the 2015 Budget as written. Joel Salter seconded. The budget was unanimously accepted.

General Announcements

  1. Patrick: possibly forming a subcommittee to look at member retention. If anyone is interested or has ideas, please contact him.
  2. Gordon: Robert Thornhill (RPCV Latvia) is working to get non-competitive eligibility for PCVs at the state and local government level.
  3. Dré: need for speakers at a Vancouver elementary school; if interested, let her or Kat know. Also in need of speakers for a high school career event in Gresham. Dré also asked about the speaker’s bureau list and how best to update it with speakers who are actually in town and available. Maybe it is best to just start a new one? Let Dré and Kat know if you have thoughts. Joel suggested some sort of shared document.
  4. Joel: Camp GLOW from Micronesia was funded through a CRPCA grant and would like to present results. There are very few program slots, so maybe a soiree?
  5. Angie: need a host for March and April potlucks.
  6. Anne Kimberley volunteered for March
  7. Liz Samuels volunteered for April.


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