Schools for Salone Update

Schools for Salone Update

We recently received the following email from Schools for Salone, an organization to which CRPCA awarded grant money for the installation of solar panels in a primary school.

Dear Joel and the Grants Committee at the CRPCA

Our sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous grant to make it possible for us to install the solar power system in our Sembehun Primary School. I am pleased to report that it is functioning well – and that this project inspired another donor to fund the installation of a second solar power system in another one of our schools, Gbumbeh Primary School.

Despite the trauma occurring in Sierra Leone, all of our school communities remain to this day, free from any suspected cases of Ebola. Our team has been very active working with the communities to remain healthy and productive during this extraordinary time.

Please see our attached report about the solar project that you made possible. If you would like any of the photos in a larger size/file to use as you wish, please let me know and I will forward them to you.

Again, on behalf of the students, teachers and families of Sembehun and Schools for Salone, Bisyaweh! Thenki! Thenki! Thenki!!!

Warmest regards,

Cindy Nofziger