April 12th, 2015 Business Meeting Minutes

Columbia River Peace Corps Association

Business Meeting

April 12, 2015

Board Member Present Position Present?
Patrick Findler President x
Erin Gettling Secretary x
Matthew Forgue Treasurer x
Phyllis Shelton Fundraising Coordinator x
Joel Salter Grants Coordinator x
Angie Basurtto Program Coordinator
Kat Barnes Education Coordinator x
Dré Mayrose Education Coordinator
Meaghan Corwin Webmaster/Newsletter Editor x
Adrienne Wolf-Lockett Membership Coordinator x
Bob Lockett Membership Coordinator x
Tom DeMeo Service Coordinator x
Susie Robillard E-Update Editor x
Nora Olsgaard Events Coordinator
Liz Samuels Scheduling Coordinator x
Gordon Young Networking Coordinator x
  1. Introductions

Name, years and country of service, and one memento you have from your country of service.

  1. Announcements/Business

Tom: was approached by 82nd Avenue Association about participation in a parade on April 25th. He has not heard from board; can he assume that we are not interested? Need to know tonight and an approximate number of people. After a discussion, it was decided that Tom will tell the association that they can at least expect a banner and hopefully a small group of flags. Gordon Young will be the point person on this, and a Facebook announcement will be sent out.

Bill: CRPCA is looking for a coordinator for Grand Floral Parade this year–June 6th. Job entails flag pick-up, assigning flags to members, and coordinating day-of logistics. There has also been a parade practice and picnic the evening before in years past. Need answer immediately. Gordon: I’ll do it! Met with much applause. Phyllis: if attendance is dwindling, are we burning ourselves out? Should we continue doing this? Gordon: I think it’s still worth it.

Bill: Also up for discussion is purchasing flags from Jack Kirkwood and his organization instead of renting year after year. Matthew: find out how much he wants and find a place to store. Phyllis and Tom volunteered storage. Susie: we could also generate money by renting them out ourselves.

Joel: Grants committee changeover time! Any volunteers? Bob Wolf-Lockett, Adrienne Wolf-Lockett, Gordon Young, Phyllis Shelton, and Erin Gettling all volunteered. Joel will remain as grants coordinator.

  1. Grants Presentation

Adrienne Wolf-Locket presented a proposal for a summer camp in Robins Bay Jamaica. The camp serves elementary school kids, grades 1-6, who would not otherwise have anything to do in the summer. Includes lunch and field trips. Fundraising for camp is now being done by RAISE, and Adrienne and Bob are doing what they can to assist. Bob and Adrienne were the first administrators of this camp, but leadership has since been transferred to locals. Asking for $1,000.

Joel presented a proposal on behalf of “Andando” for a women’s poultry cooperative in Senegal. 80 women and their families are involved. Money would go toward construction of a poultry production facility and initial stock/food/medicine. Similar projects have been successful and there is a model in place. Asking for $2,000, but project could move forward with alternative funding sources if not fully funded, it just might take longer.

Joel: the committee proposes to fund each project at $1,000.

Discussion: Tom: I would support giving $1,000 to each, provided we get progress reports from both groups. Bill noted that such reports are standard procedure.

Phyllis: how can we get the money to these groups? Tom can take money to Jamaica, or it can be transferred to the organization in Florida. Joel will contact Lewis Kiker from Andando about transferring funds to Senegal.

Bill: I move that we accept the committee’s recommendation of $1,000 to the Andando Foundation’s poultry project and $1,000 to Robins Bay summer camp. Patrick seconded. The motion carried.

  1. Elections

Bob Wolf-Lockett: membership coordinator duties include checking the P.O. Box, which the current coordinators have not been doing. Bob recommends changing the description to reflect current practice. Bill suggested removing the P.O. Box responsibility from the job description and voting at the next meeting.

Patrick facilitated nominations:

  • President: Tom DeMeo
  • Secretary: Erin Gettling
  • Treasurer: Phyllis Shelton
  • E-Update Editor: Susie Robillard
  • Newsletter Editor & Webmaster: Meaghan Corwin
  • Education Coordinator: open position
  • Events Coordinator: open position
  • Fundraising Coordinator: open position
  • Grants Coordinator: Joel Salter
  • Membership Coordinators: Adrienne and Bob Wolf-Lockett
  • Networking Coordinator: Gordon Young
  • Program Coordinator: Bill Stein
  • Scheduling Coordinator: Mike Waite
  • Service Coordinator: open position

All nominees were elected unanimously.

After being elected Program coordinator, Bill suggested business meetings quarterly, the minimum required by our bylaws, to make more room for speakers. Meeting months would be January, April, July, and October, plus an annual business meeting in September when the budget is presented. Those present were in agreement.

Tom will continue coordinating service events, but the board will actively recruit for a Service Coordinator, as well as the other open positions.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

April 13, 2014 Business Meeting Minutes

Columbia River Peace Corps Association

Business Meeting

April 13, 2014

Board Member Present Position
Susie Robillard E-Update Editor
Chuck McConnell President
Brenda Michel Secretary
Joel Salter Grants Coordinator
Angie Basurtto Program Coordinator
Bill Stein Webmaster
Bob Lockett Membership Coordinator
Patrick Findler Fundraising Coordinator
Tom DeMeo Service Coordinator
Phyllis Shelton Treasurer
Erin Gettling Events Coordinator
Liz Samuels Scheduling Coordinator
Meaghan Corwin Newsletter Editor


Approval of Minutes. Joel Salter moved that we approve the minutes as written, Susie Robillard seconded. All were in favor and motion carried


  1. Chuck: the local recruiter needs help with annual send-off party. Monday, April 28th, at the Multnomah Arts Center. Set up a table to showcase your Peace Corps Experience.
  2. Chuck: we have been contacted by NPCA regarding federal funding for Peace Corps, and asked to encourage our lawmakers to support funding for Peace Corps. Do we want to contact Ron Wyden encourage him to support funding for Peace Corps? General consensus was yes! No official vote was taken.

Discussion of new grants process

  1. Joel, Kat, and Erin described the proposed changes to our grants process, including a committee of 3-5 members who would read and provide feedback on grants, and then make a recommendation as to funding allocations three times a year.
  2. The following bylaw change was presented: Board Resolution 2: Grant Policy. The Association will accept grant applications at least once a year. The Association will fund International development projects and/or local projects from the proceeds of fundraising events and sales per Article VII, Section 4 of the CRPCA Bylaws.
  3. A Grant Committee will review all grant applications. They will be responsible for reading the grant application in full, asking questions of the grant applicant (should clarification be needed), and then proposing a recommendation to the full CRPCA membership at the next business meeting.
  4. The Grant Committee shall consist of 3 – 5 people, and will include the Grants Manager as well as CRPCA members. The Grant Committee members will serve for one full year.
  5. After the Grant Committee offers a recommendation for project funding, the final decision to fund will be made by a vote of all members in good standing, who are present at the Board meeting which coincides with the grant giving cycle.
  6. Grant Funding Criteria: (1) the Association has funds available, and (2) the requestor is an established philanthropic organization.
  7. Grant Preference: Project preference will be given to those applications that (1) have in-kind or matching contributions, (2) addresses a one-time need that has been brought about by an emergency circumstance, and/or (3) affiliated with an Oregon or SW Washington Peace Corps Volunteer or Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.
  8. Website: Grant program information, applications, and funded project information will be available on the CRPCA website.
  9. Joel moved that we accept the Bylaw Changes as written. The membership voted unanimously to accept this bylaw change. Joel Salter, Paul Robillard, Bill Stein, Kat Barnes, and Tom DeMeo will serve as our inaugural grants committee!

Election of new officers.

  1. Chuck McConnell facilitated, going through all open positions and taking nominations. Nominations were as follows:

President: Patrick Findler

Secretary: Erin Gettling

Treasurer: Matthew Forgue

E-Update Editor: Susie Robillard

Newsletter Editor/Webmaster: (1 person filling both roles): Meaghan Corwin

Education Coordinator: Kat Barnes and Dre Mayrose

Events Coordinator: Nora Olsgaard

Fundraising Coordinator: Phyllis Shelton

Grants Coordinator: Joel Salter

Membership Coordinator: Adrienne and Bob Wolf-Lockett

Networking Coordinator: Gordon Young

Program Coordinator: Angie Basurtto

Scheduling Coordinator: Liz Samuels

Service Coordinator: Tom DeMeo

  1. Rick Samuels moved to elect entire slate; Joel Salter seconded. Chuck called question: motion carried unanimously
  1. New roles begin May 1st. As people change or leave roles, important to pass along job description/ information/tips/ideas for how to best fulfill   the role to the new person. Congratulations to all board members!


If you need a printable version of these minutes, please use the document version.