Winter Weekend

Mazama Lodge
CRPCA’s Winter Weekends are among our most family-friendly events. Each year some of us sled down the hill in front of Mazama Lodge, while others snowshoe or cross-country ski out the front door. Inside we find games and books, and we enjoy delicious food and fireside conversations with friends new and old. Mazama Lodge has a stunning view of Mt. Hood in sunny weather, and it’s a delightful place to be when snow is falling.

Our 6th annual Winter Weekend is scheduled for Saturday, February 7 to Sunday, February 8, 2015 at Mazama Lodge at the 4,000′ level on Mt. Hood.

Reserve your stay today!

Please email Anne Kimberly at to let her know you plan to come (# in party as well). Anne is happy to answer any questions about the event.

To reserve bunk stays and meals for the night of Saturday, February 7, please contact Mazama Lodge via ONE of these three options:

You will want to let Mazama Lodge know the following:

  • What is your name, phone number, and e-mail address?
  • How many of each of the following people will be traveling with you?

    • Mazama member adult – $18.70 per night
    • Mazama member child (12 & under) Child must be a member, not just the parent! – Free, but must RSVP
    • Affiliate member* – $22.00 per night
    • Affiliate child member (12 & under) – $14.00 per night
    • Adult guest – $24.20 per night
    • Child guest (12 and under) – $15.00 per night
  • By which meal will you arrive, and after which meal will you depart? Your meal options are:

    • Saturday lunch: Adult $8.92; Child (age 2-12) $5.77
    • Saturday dinner: Adult $13.12; Child (age 2-12) $6.82
    • Sunday breakfast: Adult $8.92; Child (age 2-12) $5.77
    • Sunday lunch: Adult $8.92; Child (age 2-12) $5.77

At that time of your reservation, you will supply a credit card number, which will not be charged until Saturday, February 7.

* If you’re curious which affiliate outdoor groups qualify for the reduced rate, see the long list at the bottom of the Mazama Lodge web page.

Day visits are cool!

If you can’t stay and eat with us, you are absolutely welcome to visit and play with your friends at the lodge. You’ll need a Sno-Park permit for your vehicle. Also, if you come above the Mazama Lodge basement, there’s a day use fee of $5 per non-Mazama member or $15 per non-Mazama family.

What to bring

3rd annual Winter Weekend

  • All vehicles require a Sno-Park permit. Oregon Sno-Park permits cost $4 per day, $9 per weekend, or $25 for the year (2013-2014). They’re available at dozens of statewide vendors. Sno-Park permits issued by California and Idaho are honored in Oregon, but new this year, Washington and Oregon no longer have Sno-Park reciprocity.
  • Suggested packing list: gear for snowplay (sleds, snowshoes, skis), winter layers and footwear, sleeping bag, pillow, towel, headlamp or flashlight, and anything else you bring when spending a night away from home.
  • Alcohol policy: Alcohol is not permitted at Mazama Lodge.
  • Technology: Cell phones work at Mazama Lodge, and the lodge offers free wireless internet connections. There’s a TV in the basement for the kids, but they may be more interested in foosball, ping pong, and pool.


If you’ve never before been to Mazama Lodge, we recommend printing and studying the Map & Directions to Mazama Lodge. Use the winter directions. Up to four vehicles at a time may park at the base of the trail to the lodge. You may access this loading and unloading zone via the first left turnoff from the Timberline Rd, 1/10 of a mile uphill from US 26. Note that this road is unplowed, and that you will need to move your vehicle to the Sno-Park across US 26 for the duration of your stay. It’s a good idea to drop the kids off along with your gear, as crossing US 26 on foot can be dicey. It’s a five-minute, snowy, uphill walk to the lodge from the loading/unloading zone and a ten-minute walk all the way from the Sno-Park.